OST is closed for business but its spirit survives on my blog.

About Open Source Theology

The purpose of this site is to assist the development of an emerging theology for the emerging church. If you’re new here, have a look at the Introduction to Open Source Theology, the by now somewhat antiquated Rules of engagement, and if you haven’t lost interest by then, try What (again) is an emerging theology? or ‘Open Source Theology on Grace-Centred Forums again’ for a more recent discussion.


For a good introduction to the idea of an emerging theology you could have a look at the Open Source Theology publication Otherways: In Search of an Emerging Theology.

Peter Wilkinson has also edited two collections of posts and conversations: Crossways: Journeyings into the Emergent with Open Source Theology and the wonderfully written and idiosyncratic Sir Toby Chronicles.


In order to participate you need to register on the site. You will then be able to post comments or add your own story. Substantial (and relevant) posts will usually appear in the main listing on the front page. Minor or less relevant posts will be listed in the sidebar under Other recent posts. Comments and stories that have no relevance or are in some way offensive will be unpublished.


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The editor

Open Source Theology is edited by Andrew Perriman. You can find more information about me here or read other postings at p.ost, where I write about the possibilities of a biblical theology | after Christendom | in a narrative-realist mode.

You can also, if you are so inclined, follow me on Twitter - at least until I lose interest in it.

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