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Good to read this stuff, Bob.

Good to read this stuff, Bob.

Good to read this stuff, Bob. Probably would have skipped the article until recently…

… then…

… six weeks ago a pastor prophecied that I was going to be a church planter… this was confirmed by another respected church leader (who added that he felt it was a ‘not yet’ calling)… then two weeks ago my ‘kinship’ group propecied that my future ministry would be ‘unacceptable’ to the rank-and-file Christian here in England. This all relates to prophecy I received from the Kansas City Prophets in November 2002.

As for me, I’m reading lots of stuff by the likes of James Thwaites… mainly ‘church outside the institution’ material.

Just wondered (anybody?) how I might be encouraged to press on with all of this, and how I might commmunicate with like-minded (not narrow-minded!) Christians, who understand what it’s like to wrestle with a ‘not yet’ calling which is beyond the ‘norm’ of the congregational model of church? Most Christians I talk to about it either don’t understand, or think I’m going off the rails!

Why YOU Should Plant a Church By: Bob Hyatt (19 replies) 25 February, 2005 - 22:31