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Re: On the Origins of Morality: Supernatural, Biological, ...

Re: On the Origins of Morality: Supernatural, Biological, ...

Thanks for that well thought out answer. I have received quite an education. I was taking a realist to mean a “belief in a reality that is completely ontologically independent of our conceptual schemes, linguistic practices, beliefs, etc. Philosophers who profess realism also typically believe that truth consists in a belief’s correspondence to reality.”

But I am clearly not qualified to determine whether I am a realist by scholastic standards or whether Paul is a realist. So let me stick to layman’s terms.

I believe in the reality of the resurrection. I believe it happened in real space and time. It isn’t a figment of my imagination and it isn’t my spin on the sum of a bunch of fragments of information. Paul believes the same thing and Paul believes that without the fact of the resurrection, our faith makes no sense.

In other words, I don’t think that history is the sum of interpretation. I believe there is real history in real space and time. I concede that we often misinterpret history but there is real history nontheless. Jesus believes the same thing. He frequently referred to the OT writings as real events. He talked about the fact that He would rise from the dead. He did not speak of things as if they may have happened in his opinion but he spoke firmly about what He believed. Moses was the same way. He wrote about the Exodus and about Abraham, etc. as real people that really existed.

I noted earlier that I concede that some writings may not have ever been intended to be historical writings but still, when the writers wrote about history, they believed the history happened and did not write in such a way as to relay a belief that history was in the eye of the beholder.

Luke believes that real things happen in real space and time. John does too, as does Mark. All of the apostles believed that Jesus actually rose from the dead and they all believed He lived. Most were martyred because of that belief.

So, if those aren’t the characteristics of a realist but are the characteristics of something else, them I am something else.

I won’t even attempt to look up what a subjectivist is because that will most certainly confuse me more.

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