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Re: Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith

Re: Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith

Agreed, science is not always mathematical but is usually more systematic than ordinary observation, with a concerted effort either to avoid or to compensate for subjective biases.

” I don’t give a lot of thought to whether my personal religious experiences have any referent outside of my own head.  Why?  Because faith isn’t an idea”

Ideas are inside the head; ideas are often about something that’s outside the head. I can pass by all sorts of things in the world to which I give no thought but which may block my view and which, if I run into them, may cause me pain.

faith is a way of living, a way of relating to oneself, one’s neighbor, one’s enemy, and one’s God”

Just leave off the last clause and you might even see eye to eye with Dawkins.


Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith By: Jacob (60 replies) 6 February, 2010 - 01:49