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Re: Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith

Re: Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith

If you could leave off the “effort either to avoid or to compensate for subjective biases” we would be in agreement”

I put that statement in purposely because it’s a plane of cleavage dividing so-called hegemonic modernistic science and postmodernism. I’d say that most working scientists presume that they’re studying objective reality and that they’re trying to arrive at progressively better descriptions of that reality. According to a recent survey most Anglophone philosophers also subscribe to scientific realism. Sociologists, anthropologists, and cultural studies specialists are more likely to regard science itself as a systematically biased undertaking. Of course these people thereby disqualify themselves as “real” scientists ;)

So a relational God isn’t “out there,” but is more like the spirit of intersubjectivity, a sort of personification of “faith” as a way of being-with?

Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith By: Jacob (60 replies) 6 February, 2010 - 01:49