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Re: Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith

Re: Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith

Here you have the ‘three ages’ of interpretation of texts (which can also be applied to the interpretation of ‘reality’)”

This of course captures my concern in a nutshell: that reality is regarded as, or reduced to, a text. We use language to talk about reality, do we not? Pragmatically speaking, in ordinary conversation we typically use linguistic signifiers to signify something outside of our own heads or our shared systems of meaning.

It’s gotten light enough outside for me to see that it has stopped snowing but that it could easily start up again soon. In writing this I’m communicating something not just about the state of my mind or the conventions of our linguistic community, but about the current state of the little sector of the vast world which I happen to be occupying right now. I presume this is the reader’s expectation as well. It is or is not actually snowing here regardless of what I happen to observe or how I describe what I observe in words.

Richard Dawkins, Knowledge, and Faith By: Jacob (60 replies) 6 February, 2010 - 01:49