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Guerrilla Worship - Liverpool Flash Mob

Jonny Baker has drawn attention to the video of a rather moving flash worship event that took place on Easter Saturday in Liverpool, organized by the Dream network - a good example of well-choreographed spontaneity. They have a nice simple set of core values: I wonder how much of a difference it makes to be ‘Christ-centred rather than ‘Jesus-centred’; I like the candour about the inevitability of ‘conflict and struggle’ in community life; and the urge to experiment and fail creatively seems to me an essential part of what it means to ‘re-imagine church’.

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Re: Guerrilla Worship - Liverpool Flash Mob

Hey Andrew, I watched the video and read the caption and I have to say, I am not sure if I agree that this is in fact worship. I can see that they are trying to make it obvious that they care for the community by making their prayers public, in some ways I think this is in contrast to what Christ says about going into your closet to pray. Meaning, taking quiet time away from the hustle and bustle to still yourself before God. It seems like what they are doing is more of a gimmick than actual worship. I could be wrong, and I do believe that their intentions are sincere. It just seems that they are attempting to make prayer a “performance”. It is as if they are doing it for the people who are watching, rather than for God. Wouldn’t their prayer be just as effective if they did it in a church without all the elaborate show? In a church wouldn’t it also possibly be less distracting and more fruitful? In their video description they write that “God lives in shopping malls as well as churches!” I really don’t know where they would get that from, either OT or NT. It is clear that in the OT God makes his dwelling in the temple. In the NT it is clear that God makes his dwelling in the people of God. Christians literally become the new temple. This whole notion that God “dwells” equally everywhere on the earth just doesn’t seem to fit into the biblical story. If this is outreach, then I think the obvious question is “how so?” I honestly cannot seem to understand what they are hoping to accomplish, other than to let people know that they are praying for them. Maybe that is the point, to inform people that you are praying for them. It just seems a little off to me, but I am not sure I can put it fully into words.

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