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will religions join with the returning of Jesus?

It is a fact that those centres of power that have religion and its moral values in their sights have combined the wide opportunities at their disposal and are acting in alliance against people who have religious beliefs. It is actually not that difficult to destroy, in the ideological sense, that wicked alliance, to eliminate the negative and destructive effects of atheist- materialist indoctrination, and to bring about a society where proper morality, happiness, peace, security and well-being prevail. The one way of doing that lies in the three revealed religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) joining forces in the light of that common objective.

The task of sincere Christians, Jews and Muslims who possess a conscience and common sense is to wage a joint struggle against evil and those who engage in it, to help one another and to act in a spirit of unity and cooperation. That unity must rest on the principles of love, respect, tolerance, understanding, harmony and cooperation. We must bear in mind the urgency of the situation, and factors likely to give rise to conflict, argument and division must be scrupulously avoided.

Here, Jews, Christians and Muslims are called to join in the light of common objectives to wage a joint struggle against atheism, social and moral degeneration, and to spread good morals throughout the world. This call is to all the sincere, scrupulous, benevolent, agreeable, decent, pacifist, and just Jews, Christians and Muslims.




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You just want unity between three monotheistic religions in order to have another enemy, so called atheists. I do not want to create any enemies. There are plenty of honest, decent and good people who just want to have enough to live by and be a little creative, and if these are humanists and atheists too then so be it. And what about the Hindus and the Buddhists, Confucians and Marxists seeking justice? People are people, religions are constructions, and it is people who should be united. 


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