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Future of the People of God talks

The main talks given by Tom Wright at the Future of the People of God conference are now available for download. These are large mp3 files (around 8-9 MB each) and I don't know how well the server will cope with the strain. If you have trouble downloading them, try again later when everyone else is asleep. The interactive sessions and the workshops are not currently available.

To download the files right click on the link and select 'save target/link as'.

Session 1: God's future for the world has arrived in the person of Jesus

Session 2: Understanding and implementing Jesus' gospel in the present

Session 3: Reimaging our mission as God's agents of new creation in the world

Session 4: Fulfilling God's Kingdom project for the world as a mission-shaped church)

Many thanks to Michael Lafleur from Transformation Prayer Ministries for preparing these. The session titles given above were taken by Michael from the content of the talks.

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More please?

I’ve really enjoyed listening to these lectures. Thanks for making them available - they’re a great resource for escaping traffic jams and passing on to friends who don’t like to read online. I’d love to stay in touch with future conferences this way too.

Are there any other good materials of this sort available? Can anyone suggest a link?

Re: Future of the People of God talks

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