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A fresh angle on sabbath (or "The joy-filled sabbath)

Why sabbath? I have never had it explained to me to my satisfaction. What did God feel when he completed his creation? What do you and I feel when I have finished making something and we can look at it and say “I am pleased with that”, and where did that feeling come from?

Surely we can we read back from our own feelings to those of he in whose image we are made – but how much greater the feelings.

Surely we have misinterpreted God if we believe he now says coldly “you are to keep my Sabbath”! Surely instead we hear God say to us at this point “come and sabbath with me, joining me in my experience of joy and delight both in myself and also in that which I have made.”

"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy." But what day?

Why do Christians keep Sunday as the Sabbath? Most Christians profane it by shopping, working, or not remembering why we have it

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