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Doug Pagitt

“Has Christ been divided?” A Note on Pastoral Celebrity and Their Fan Clubs

Over the past several decades, with the aid of media technologies, some Christian pastors have attained a celebrity status. We see this not only with the televangelists of the 1970s and 1980s, but even more recently we see that some Christian pastors have gained followers and advocates, especially through the publication of books and through their use of the Internet. The celebrity pastors and their advocates form quarreling factions of self-declared believers in Jesus the Christ.

Doug Pagitt and the Way of the Master Interview Controversy

The blogosphere has recently come alive with talk about an interview that Doug Pagitt gave to Todd Friel on the Way of the Master radio program. The audio and written transcripts can be found on numerous sites online, so I won’t spend time describing what was said. Important for my essay is that Pagitt and Friel disagreed on a number of points. At some times during the interview, they couldn’t even make sense of what the other was trying to say.

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