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United Kingdom

I’m Peter Wilkinson; my wife’s name is Annelise, and we have two daughters. Our backgrounds are in teaching, myself for eleven years, before God called us out of that into some years working with a worldwide youth mission, and eventually into a local church based work.

We both travelled widely with the mission, until towards the end of a mission trip to Kenya, I received an invitation to return and set up a training programme for young people in our church who wanted to grow in discipleship and evangelism.

Since then I have been working with the church in areas as diverse as church-planting, teaching, setting up a cell-church model, youth and children, and chairing the mission team which oversees 20 missionaries in four continents. I have travelled widely in very diverse mission and ministry capacities in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Germany, Austria, Former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Niger and Zimbabwe.

I have a lively mind, never quite content with the way things are, and love exploring - so I need constantly to be relating to people and movements beyond my immediate circumstances. Open Source Theology is a bit of a displacement activity for me in the midst of doing many other things. I have met some of the contributors to the site, and thoroughly enjoy their company. I’m committed to emerge into anything which God is doing, and am convinced of the need for a mixture of things new and old in the church to meet the challenges of changing times and a changing culture.

Favourite places I’ve been this year: Celle dei Puccini - Tuscany, and Eskdale, Cumbria; most outstanding experience: Mahler’s 7th Symphony - Royal Albert Hall - Tilson Thomas/San Francisco Symhony Orchestra; books I’ve read - not enough gigabytes to record them all.


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